The whole skin approach is based on the philosophy that good health and good skin is more than the products you use. It embodies your lifestyle, environment, nutrition and mindset. Let's honor our skin by taking the Whole Skin Approach. Thanks for joining me. I'm excited to share more with you and help you live vibrantly healthy inside and out.


Jennie Fresa

Jennie Fresa is a Holistic Esthetician, Expert Brow Stylist + Certified Integrative Health Coach. With over 20 years of experience in the beauty industry (including operating a successful Spa + Retail Store for many years), Jennie has decided to create her own private haven with a service menu and products that reflect her unique studies and experiences. Jennie's individualized approach consider the "whole" person; diet, lifestyle and environment. In each session, Jennie incorporates a variety of plant-based products, deep tissue facial massage and effective, non-invasive modalities to encourage natural skin function. Her treatment room is truly a self-care sanctuary and she's grateful to share it with you.

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Holistic Skincare

Focusing on whole skin health; including the direct connection between nutrition and our skin is my approach. I believe everyone can have great skin. As a holistic skin therapist, I will help you begin your personal skin journey with the use of plant-based products and various Eastern skincare remedies. We will consider nutrition, stress levels and lifestyle to gain optimal health. I look forward to being a part of your wellnesss + self care routine.