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Super Natural Skincare | Brow Artist | Esthetician

I help women 40+ feel good inside and out with practical beauty tips and wellness routines.  Good health and good skin are more than just the products you use.  My unique "whole skin approach" considers the whole person- lifestyle, nutrition, and environment—to develop holistic treatment plans customized to your individual needs.  Let’s honor your skin!

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Embrace slow beauty and challenge the industry status quo

Don’t buy into the lie that aging is something to be feared and avoided.  Gracefully lean into the aging process and cultivate your natural beauty without the unhealthy ingredients.

Let’s begin a healthier conversation surrounding beauty

Balance, purify, and heal your skin

Created by Holistic Esthetician + Integrative Health Coach, Jennie Fresa, The Sixth House is a continuation of a spirit to inspire women to live well every day. Jennie believes that healthy living is in fact healthy skin. Her longtime passion for natural beauty led her to create her own skincare line that truly supports aging gracefully.


"What makes Jennie stand out? Not only is she incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about all things beauty and wellness, she is genuine and takes her time to curate a lovely experience for her clients. Appointments with her are like having tea with one of your favorite friends. I have loved watching Jennie become more and more true to herself in pursuing her vision for Jennie Fresa Beauty."

Hello, my name is Jennie Fresa, Holistic Esthetician + Brow Artist + Founder of The Sixth House Skincare

With over 20 years of experience in the beauty industry, I now run a private haven with a service menu and products that reflect my unique studies and experiences. My individualized approach considers the "whole person”–diet, lifestyle, and environment. In each session, I incorporate a variety of plant-based products, deep tissue facial massage and effective, non-invasive modalities to encourage natural skin function. My treatment room is truly a self-care sanctuary, and I’m so grateful to share it with you.

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Jennie's journal

Learn to break free from the beauty industry’s status quo with Jennie’s unique “whole skin approach,” and journey with her down a more holistic, natural path to skin wellness.

Introducing The Brow Lift

Introducing The Brow Lift

BOOK YOUR BROW LIFT {brow lift is available for existing brow clients.  New guests must book the "NEW brow client shaping" appointment before sche...

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