Kelly + Jones

Kelly + Jones Eau de Parfum

$ 85 $ 95

Spirited Fragrance of vineyard and valley.  Hand poured in the Catskills.  As seen in Food & Wine, Refinery 29, Marie Claire and Rachael Ray.  Copal is featuring the Mezcal collection inspired after the beautiful agave fields of Mexico.

Eau de Parfum: Blanca: a blend of Sheer citrus + solar resins.  Smelling notes: Peppercorn, Palm Leaf, Oaxacan Sea Salt, Juniper and Satr Anise

Eau de Parfum Negra: a blend of Smoked Woods + Mystical Spice.  Smelling notes:  Sonoran Pine, Black Lime, Guauacwood, Cajeta and Clary Sage.

Eau de Parfum: Verde: a blend of Mayan Leaves and Mountain Cascades.  Smelling notes: Limon, Fern, White Sage, Violet Leaf and Birch Incense.

*Hand poured.  A portion of every dale goes to Programa Vaca.  This is a Mexican based organization helping build the country's earthquake affected areas.



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