The Gut-Glow Connection


As a holistic esthetician, I want to consider the whole person, not just your skin. A skilled therapist will be able to help you understand the health of your skin, make lifestyle suggestions and treat you to an outstanding facial massage.  

My intention in the Copal spa sanctuary is to create a safe space where my guests can relax, feel vulnerable, ask questions and have a break from everyday life and stress.  For me, it’s less about suggesting that my clients buy a miracle cream and more about encouraging lifestyle changes and an understanding that the mind, body, spirit and skin are connected.  

I consider my treatments unique to most traditional facials.  I call them “high frequency”.  Meaning, they are very much touch-based and provide a significant shift in the nervous system, which in short, leads to less stress = healthier skin.  In my treatment room, I use plant-based skincare and various modalities such as tuning forks, gua sha stones, facial cups (to name a few) and my very best tool-- MY HANDS. 

The other component I like to discuss is the gut-skin connection.  Yes, the food on your plate plays a vital role in skin health.  The skin is your largest organ and it certainly reflects your inner health.  In today’s blog post, I’d like to share a list of my favorite “beauty foods” with you.  These foods have many functions including slowing down oxidation, boosting your immune system, restoring vital nutrients and promoting healing.

Let’s start with my one non-negotiable morning ritual; lemon water.  Below, I’m sharing a favorite recipe that you can use, but if you’re tight on time just squeeze ¼ lemon in 1 cup of water.


Below is an easy to make tonic that has many benefits including fighting inflammation, aids in digestion, boosts your immune system and keeps you energized.  

By the way, not to regress, but I want to mention that I used to think that one could change if they had the resources and will power.  

I NOW know undoubtedly that one vital step has to happen first. In order for real CHANGE to occur, you must have a shift in your ENERGY.  If your energy is poor (low), you will not be able to make lasting changes in life.  So, my rapid piece of advice for today (because I plan to lean into this conversation more very soon) is to do an activity at the START of your day that elevates your energy.  A few ideas:  10 jumping jacks, drinking lemon water, taking a 3 minute cold shower, listening to upbeat music and dancing for 5 minutes, gratitude journaling or stretching your body.  Don’t overthink this.  You need only 5 minutes to elevate your energy.  Give it a try.

Okay, back to my recipe that I learned from a fellow Florida Esthetician, Jess Arnaudin:  I suggest drinking this like a shot before breakfast, you can even prepare it advance:

2 cups of H20

Fresh ginger grated (optional)

½ Lemon Juice

2 tablespoons of Apple Cider Vinegar.

Boil water and ginger, reduce heat to a simmer for 15 mins.  Add lemon and ACV.  

Tip: You can drink this warm or cool.  Bottle it up and bring it to work. ;-)

Below is a list of my favorite Beauty Foods to incorporate into your diet if you don’t already:



Sweet Potatoes







Acai Berries




Red Grapes


Chia Seeds

Olive Oil

Walnuts or Almonds



In a follow up post, I will go into greater detail about why each of these foods are considered good for your health and your skin.  Do you eat enough of these beautiful foods?  They should comprise 80% of your diet.

Truth bomb:  The holiday season is here and often that means indulgence.  I’d like to offer a gentle reminder to enjoy the season without guilt.  For the love of life, eat the cookie, enjoy the champagne toast with friends, don’t deprive yourself of the joys that come with the season.  Instead, try to add more of these delicious foods into your diet on a daily basis throughout the entire year.  Start now.  Don’t wait until 2022, there’s too much pressure to “be healthy” and “set goals”, blah, blah blah…. at the start of the new year.  I’m not for that.  Winter is the season of awakening desires.  What do you desire?  If it’s to optimize your health.  I’d love to help.

If you’re interested in learning more about my Integrative Facial Therapies + Skin Health Coaching programs launching in the Spring of 2022, let me know.  I will add you to my special email list for further information.

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Yes I am interested in your upcoming posts.

Beth Best November 30, 2021

Yes I am interested in your upcoming posts.

Beth Best November 30, 2021

Yes, I am interested in more info on your upcoming programs. Thank you so much!

Danielle Welch November 30, 2021

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