The Brow Trio for Fuller Brows

Brows are the centerpiece of your face.  If you know me, you already know that my idea of modern beauty is simple. Good brows + good skin + confidence = the perfect look.

I’ve been styling brows for nearly 15 years and I know that something so simple, like having the right brow shape for your face can transform your entire look.  Good brows instantly refresh your face.  Done right, they make you look polished, less tired and put together.

In recent years I’ve coined a term for my signature service; natural brow restoration.  This is my proprietary method for shaping and styling brows that delivers a natural look.  I believe in working with what you got– and, I’ll enhance it.  No fancy brow perms, laminations or micro-blading for me.  (I understand there are some exceptions to getting one or more of these services above– no judgements here.  I always lead my guests in the right direction if it’s absolutely needed.)

I did the research. With strategic tweezing and waxing and the right products, you can have beautiful natural looking brows that are easy to maintain.

What is strategic shaping you ask?  Well, you may have heard me ask my clients NOT to touch their brow in between appointments.  This is because once you have grown out your brows for 6-8 weeks (my recommendation before you visit with me), it is only then that we can remove “specific” hairs.  When we remove these hairs we can actually stimulate new growth in the other areas where you need it.  This is how we retrain your brows.  Random tweezing at home creates random, uneven growth and it only slows down or stops this process.  My average brow growth journey with a new client can be anywhere from 3-12 months.  After that, we will maintain the shape – with visits, usually every 4-6 weeks.

Last year, while in lockdown I decided to use my time to create my own line of brow products.  I’ve kept them on the down-low for a while, testing them out with some clients at my studio and revising as I moved along in the process.  

I’m happy to share that I now have 4 easy-to-use brows products to enhance your brows at home:

Let me break them down for you starting with my newest product:

  1. Brow Fix a tinted brow gel. What it is formulated to do: a botanical formula gives the appearance of fuller, thicker brows. The combination of cream and gel effortlessly defines and fills in the look of brows while controlling and shaping without flaking or fading.  
  2. Undetectable Brow Pencil- a super skinny gel-like pencil that allows for precision and correcting the shape. The formula glides in the skin and is easily softened by the spoolie brush on the other side.
  3. Brow Highlight— a creamy two-sided pencil that finishes the brow look by highlighting the brow bone for an eye-opening effect. One side is matte for the brow bone. The other side is a glazed sheen, perfect for the lower lids or inside corner of the eye.
  4. Clear Brow Gel - get the look of laminated brows without the chemicals.  The hydrating gel conditions hairs while holding them in place.  Use it alone or with a pencil.  


Stay tuned for my BROW CARE products (conditioning mask, pre-wax serum and post wax calm cream) launching soon.  

You can combine products or use them alone.  My daily brow routine consists of this Brow Trio: pencil, tinted gel and highlighter.  :)

Watch how I fill in my brows using the trio here

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Ps.  My brow appointment book is full.  I’m not accepting new brow clients at this time.  Existing clients include anyone who’s had an appointment as of June 2021.  If you’ve been in to see me in the past but NOT as of June, you are considered a NEW client. Please add yourself to my waitlist or email me to join the list.  I’ll be adding 5-10 new clients in Spring 2022.

Xo, Jennie 


Please add me to your waitlist. Thank you – Margaret

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Please add me to your waitlist

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Please add me to the waitlist for brows!

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