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Good Skin + Good Brows == Good Day

My Natural Brow Sculpting method has gained me a devoted clientele that I'm forever grateful for.   Transforming eye brows is one of my favorite things to do.  It's a small thing that makes such a big difference and it's always so instantly gratifying.

I'm happy to announce I will be adding the BROW LIFT to my menu of services in the Spring of 2023.

Wondering if you're a good candidate?  The good news is, most people will benefit from this beauty treatment.  If you have had to deal with brows that had a mind of their own, are curly, straight or flat or have drifted apart (looking sparse) as you got older.....then the brow lift might be the answer.

Or, if you're someone who uses brow gel to hold your brows up to make them look fuller, but no matter how much you saturate them, they still don't stand up and look as fluffy as you want.......the brow lift might be for you.


The benefits are:

  • Gives a natural look
  • Makes brows fuller and more fluffy
  • Is needle-free
  • Lasts up to eight weeks
  • Microbladding alternative

This procedure is best for anyone who wants to make a thin brow appear full within 30 minutes, as well as, a more full brow to appear fuller and more fluffy.

Sound like you?

Here's a lit about the procedure:

We start by cleansing the brows and marking out the shape we want you brows to be. Then we move into the shaping process (as I call the Brow Sculpt) except I will use tweezers only to remove the hairs.

Next, I will fluffed up you brows using a tool and Keratin solution to cover the hairs into a straight, neat shape.  And then they are flattened under clear wrap and left for 30 minutes. This lotion opens the hair follicles, straightening and shaping the brows. After the allotted time, the lotion is removed.

The Brow Lift and can be added to your brow shaping

service or can be done as a stand alone service.  It's my recommendation to always do it with a Sculpt and Stain.

You must keep your freshly lifted brows dry and free from make up and oil for the first 24 hours.  The Brow Lift can last anywhere between 5-8 weeks depending on hair type. 

I super excited about this treatment because the formula has advanced so much since they first introduced to the market a few years ago.  A lot of us can benefit from the Brow Lift.  It's an easy way to achieve a fuller looking brow, naturally.  That's my jam

If you have any questions or would like me to add you to a list to be the first to know when I launch the Brow Lift, just send me an email at or talk with me at your next appointment.


Here's a look at my new service menu for March/April 2023:



New Guests Brow Sculpt 
$75 | 30 min
Current Guest Brow Sculpt 
$50 | 15 min 
6 - 8 weeks of outgrowth (no tweezing, waxing, threading or trimming)is required before the initial appointment to achieve optimal results.
$40 | 15 min
($30 add on brow service)
$150  | 30 min 
($100 add-on brow service)
The Brow Lift can be added to your brow shaping service or can be done as a stand alone service. I use a Keratin solution to gently lift hairs in an upward and outward position. You must keep your freshly lifted brows dry and free from makeup and oil for the first 24 hours.  The Brow Lift can last anywhere between 5-8 weeks depending on hair type.

Eye Therapy 14K Gold Mask  
$40 | 15 min
Lip  $12 | 5 min
Chin $15 | 5 min
Nose $10 | 5min
All: $35 | 15 min
$40 | 15 min


Signature Apothecary Facial
$175 | 60 min 
A 60 minute completely customized skin ritual, from start to finish. Using whole plant compounds, herbal remedies, cold pressed oils, and floral waters, we will support natural skin function for optimal skin health. Consider this treatment a restorative yoga session for your skin (+ mind).Treatment includes double cleansing, toner, herbal steam, 2 unique treatment masks depending on skin conditions and concerns and pressure point facial massage. Always included: aromatherapy, hand/foot massage with heated mitts and scalp release massage.
Add: LED light therapy $40 
Add: Lip + Eye Cupping $40
Add: 14K Gold Mask $40
$225 | 60 min
A workout for your face. Lets lift and tone. Micro-current technology uses totally safe and painless low-level electrical impulses to “re-program” the muscles of the face and neck back into shape. This in turn supports the facial skin giving you immediate results after just one treatment. By emitting extremely low-voltage electrical currents which mirror your own body’s electrical currents, damaged skin is repaired on a cellular level and collagen and elastin is stimulated. The facial contours are uplifted and toned and the complexion is left glowing. This powerhouse facial includes a cleansing, mini peel, LED light therapy and microcurrent face + neck sequence.
$225 | 60 min
Your face is the reflection of your deeper internal health. In this treatment we powerfully invigorate blood flow and energy circulation to restore a youthful shape to your face and radiant glow to your skin. We start with a micro peel. Then, Facial Reflexology accesses acupressure points covering 10 zones of the face. The central nervous system is balanced as the parasympathetic (rest and digest) nervous system is activated. Gua Sha alleviates muscle adhesions, tension and pain by increasing blood flow and improving lymphatic drainage. The result is a reduction in the appearance of congestion and pimples, wrinkles, sagging and dullness, under-eye darkness and puffiness. You may notice a more clearly defined jawline, more toned neck and jowl, lifted appearance of the eye and an overall brighter skin complexion after just one session.

$250 | 90 min
The ultimate beauty + wellness bundle. In this 90 minute treatment, you will experience all of the high vibe modalities that I have to offer. We will begin with a sound bath and chakra energy cleansing. Next, you'll be wrapped in a cocoon of body butter (CBD optional) with heated booties and hand mitts. You'll drift into deep relaxation with a guided Yoga Nidra (beauty sleep) meditation to quiet the mind and relax the parasympathetic nervous system. Our experience will also include a double cleansing, steam bath, a micro-peel, LED light therapy, facial reflexology, a 14K Gold hydro-jelly lip mask and choice of either a Chlorophyll + Tourmaline Brightening Mask with a Crystal Grid OR a Blue Legume Soothing Hydra mask with Cryotherapy. (can be decided upon at appointment). Float out the door refreshed, de-stressed, energetically aligned and with radiant skin.
See you soon
Xo, Jennie


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