Our Lucky Number 7’s!
Eco-Chic Faves:
Top 7 Best Organic Hair Care Products

Rise and shine beauties! Today we have more eco-chicness headed your way, and were talking about taking care of that gorgeous head of hair with our lucky 7 products! With the winter weather making its last few weeks known, we are more than ready for a fresh new start, especially when it comes to ditching our damaged dreads. For many of us gals, a staple in starting the spring season, typically starts with a fresh new haircut. However, from pretty pixie cuts, to lovely layers and even bold bangs, we’ve learned that it takes more than a trim to maintain happy, healthy hair. While we shamefully realize that our beloved hot tools are a major cause of blame for our damaged hair, our typical shampoos and conditioners in fact contain chemicals, toxins and parabens that don’t repair the damage, but only add to it. Many of these products make promises they can’t keep and end do more harm than good, not only to our hair, but our earth as well! Like the rest of our body, our hair needs to be fed the right nutrients for it repair, refresh and replenish itself from daily damage, in order to stay strong and provide luscious locks. Here are a list of our lucky 7 natural and organic hair care products that use simply natural ingredients, leaving us with simply gorgeous hair! Have you tried any of these brands, any new suggestions? Let us know how you get your lovely locks!!!

John Masters




Tela Evolve




Josie Marin