Hi Beauties!

There’s a lot of buzz going around on sunscreens and SPF and it’s easy to get confused with what we should use and what is potentially harmful to our skin. Enjoy these quick tips I’ve selected for you so you can continue on and enjoy that sunshine carefree!

1. Use a Broad Spectrum. What does this mean you may ask. Broad spectrum protects against BOTH UVA (aging rays) and UVB (burning rays)

2. Stay between SPF 20 and 50. Studies show there is no greater protection above 50, therefore it may be misleading that higher protection means more protection from prolonged exposure.

3. What to look for? We suggest you shop for sunscreens that are Oxybenzone free. Oxybenzone is a chemical used in most “sport” and waterproof sunscreens that may contribute to cell damage which can cause skin cancer. Super Goop is our favorite non toxic oxybenzone free and broad spectrum sunscreen.


If you have any SPF concerns feel free to stop in for a visit, we would be happy to answer any questions and introduce you to the Super Goop sunscreen we carry!