Wanna know what’s the latest accessory trend of the moment; it’s none other than those fabulous frames! That’s right my lovely ladies, stressing about putting in those annoying contacts or fearing a fashion faux pas are a thing of the past! That trusty pair of glasses you depend on for either reading, driving or seeing in general are now a go to and fun fashion statement! From fresh frames and styles to eye-catching colors, there are so many ways to change up your look or complete it with a pair of gorgeous glasses! But with so much eye candy to choose from now a days, it can be overwhelming deciding what are pair the perfect for you. Having recently gone speck shopping myself, I too became a bit frazzled when it came time to pick that perfect pair! But no worries beauties, while it may seem like the pressure is on, the simple solution to solving this fashion dilemma is answered by y0ur face! By shopping for frames are good for your face shape will eliminate all the time and stress that will distract you from finding the right pair. For myself, I have a square face so I picked two styles (guilty) including a cat eye and a frame with a fun pop of color that would best balance my shape and make a fun statement. So it’s time to flatter those faces with a pair of specks right for you! Here are our hints to finding those flattering frames for any face shape! What kind of fabulous frames do you have for your face and how do you like to rock them? Do tell!

1.) Square or Rectangular Shape Face


Soften those angles by choosing a curved and more rounded frame. A retro cat-eye or oval shaped frame are the perfect pair for us gals with that sexy square shape!

2.) Round Shape Face


Be edgy! Instead of softening the edges, we want to create angles of the face and our glasses can most definitely help! Try a pair with sharp rectangular angles that will balance and do the same to your face!

3.) Heart Shape Face


Hello sweethearts! For those of you gals with a heart shaped face try finding a pair with colors and angles and no harsh frames! A cat-eye, butterfly and a beautiful hint of color will suit your shape by bringing attention to your eyes!

4.) Oval Shaped Face


For our oval beauties a frame that will add a defined shape to the face will help it balance. Be a geometric gal and find a fun shaped frame that will add defined angles to your face!