Attachment comes up a lot in life. We attach to people, places, desired outcomes. We attach to expectation.  With the yoga minded ideal of going with the flow- the act of attachment is a mighty wrench chucked into the system.

Everyone seems to be in a pretty amazing goal & manifestation setting mode right now- and I love this. But it is important to detach from the expected & or desired outcomes in order to let it all play out.

In other words, if you are attached to a certain outcome- you let the desire or absence of (wanting) be in the way. And you are effectively blocked.
So when setting goals or manifesting your magical life keep this in mind:
Appreciate what is.
Set your goals, see them. feel them, taste them if necessary.
Drop the words, feel the sensation of having it all- already.
Trust the process that it will all play out (for your greater good)- know and be sure of it.
 If you  are noticing an attachment to a very specific outcome than you may be sending out resistance to something that may be better suited for you (you’ve wanted things & been wrong before right?) A good thing to say is “this or something better”. Know what you would like to happen, but be open to something that may better serve you at this time.
And remember- the focus is always, always-on right now & how you can feel good at present. That’s what it’s all about 🙂

Inline image 1Tracee Dolan teaches group & individual yoga & meditation classes. She leads a yearly yoga retreat at Pacific Bay Resort in Panama, published a Parent Child Yoga Book & owns and operates the Yoga School Bus Project. Please feel free to contact her with any questions or scheduling inquiries