Flip Your Script.Focus on the present.

A different way to view a current situation that may be bringing you down, or making you feel anxious or uncertain.
If you focus on the past you may feel sad.
If you focus on the future you may feel nervous, apprehensive or anxious.
Check in with yourself right now. Yes, right now and find something you feel good about. You may feel ok. Maybe even good.
Perhaps even great! But you absolutely, positively! must stop replaying old stories and trying to become a fortune teller to get there.
 so have some fun right now, choose to stop replaying the past & decide to stop waiting for the future.
it’s all happening, if you allow it.
Inline image 1Tracee Dolan teaches group & individual yoga & meditation classes. She leads a yearly yoga retreat at Pacific Bay Resort in Panama, published a Parent Child Yoga Book & owns and operates the Yoga School Bus Project. Please feel free to contact her with any questions or scheduling inquiries traceeteachesyoga@gmail.com