Happy Earth Day Beauties! Today we’re furthering our spring clean &  getting back to basics with some guidance from our guest blogger, Maya Bradstreet! As the founder of A Recipe for Wellness, Maya is dedicated towards sharing her holistic health and nutrition knowledge and real life experience to enrich, energize and feed the mind, soul and especially our bodies! We’re so thrilled because Maya will be hosting her event – Demystifying the Detox: How to Cleanse with a Foods-Based Diet at the boutique May 16!! Be sure to look out for our May Newsletter to get all the information and RSVP!!

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Nourish your body and you will transform your life.  That’s my motto, since I am living proof this is true.

13 years ago, upon graduating from Brown University, I was on track to having a successful career in financial consulting.  Instead, I was finding myself sick, tired, anxious, stressed and depleted.  An excess of 70 pounds crept up and by the time I went to get checked out by a doctor, I was diagnosed officially with an auto-immune thyroid disorder.  Told I’d be on medication for the rest of my life, I also – oh, by the way – had to lose the weight.  One year later, despite my efforts to diet and exercise, I was unable to change the number on the scale.  Still suffering from food comas and persistent ‘brain fog’, deep down, I knew there was something more than just taking a pill…

Keeping my day job, I enrolled in a nutrition program, simply to ‘fix me’. Little did I know that this year of studying a plethora of food theories and philosophies would truly change my future. I learned first-hand that although cliche, we truly “are what we eat”. Something in my diet contributed to my development of my thyroiditis, and I could use food as medicine to help alleviate the symptoms. I also learned that we find ‘nourishment’ from more than just the food on our plates; it is our emotional health that impacts what, how and how much we eat. Anything in our lives that is out of balance, is reflected in our food behaviors and choices. Moreover, it was apparent that we are all unique and a diet that may work for one person, may not for another. Personally, I discovered that I needed to go gluten and dairy free…

Fast forward to now, where I don’t test positive for auto-immunity, I was able to get off the medication and become a mom to my darling kids, Loden (4) and Ellery (7 months!) and wife to Bo.  And yes, I did lose those 70 pounds!  Looking back, I would not change the fact that I was sick; it was truly a blessing to experience the worst of it because I can now relate to my clients who are looking to feel better.

Back to my story, it’s probably not surprising that I ended up quitting my job to pursue my health and nutrition studies.  I founded A Recipe For Wellness LLC to help others discover & achieve their innate healthiness and greatness.  It is a gift to help others enjoy life, celebrate food and food culture, and re-discover themselves through their dietary choices.

Here’s one of my favorite smoothies of late, purifies the blood and gut, and is great for keeping the Spring viruses at bay:

Be sure to check out delicious smoothie recipes and so much more over on Maya’s Blog!!!

Beet Green Smoothie

Beet greens from 1/2 bunch of beets (make sure these look happy and vibrant, droopy beet greens are a no-no)

1 banana

1/2 avocado

1/2 cup coconut milk (from can or unsweetened from box)

1/2 cup water

1 tbsp (raw) cocoa powder

1 peeled clementine

3 whole cloves or 1/2 tsp ground

optional: 1 tsp coconut oil

optional: 1 tsp protein powder (rice, pea, hemp)