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Beech Tree Cottages Styled Shoot by HK Photo
November 12, 2014

Get Inspired this Thanksgiving: Plaid & Oxblood!
 HK (14)
HK (27)HK (7)HK (6)HK (5)
 HK (8)
Vendor Credits:
Fashion: Everthine Bridal Boutique
Stationery & Design: A Grey Soiree
Photographer: HK Photo
Makeup: Jennie Fresa

Winter Wedding Inspiration by Anna Sawin Photography
December 23, 2013

Are you warming up by the fire tonight with some wine, egg nog or hot apple cider? As the merriment begins and your holiday traditions I wanted to share this winter wedding inspiration by Anna Sawin Photography. I few years back I was invited to do hair and makeup for this winter inspired fete on the very gorgeous Elihu Island farm. Sparkling silvers, crisp winter purples, faux fur stoles are all bound to get you in the winter and holiday spirit. Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas. XO, Jennie

Concept & Design: Lucinda Wesson, Chocolate Creative Design
Photography: Anna Sawin, Anna Sawin Photography
Flowers: Yumiko Fletcher, Hana Floral Design
Hair & Makeup: Jennie Fresa Skincare and Makeup Boutiquerie
Clothing/Styling: Women- Tove Vigen, Tova’s Vintage
Venue: Elihu Island

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Eternal Love Photo Shoot with Michelle Gardella & Everthine
February 13, 2013

Put together on a bit of a whim, this shoot was inspired by the great romantic poem, Shakespeare’s Sonnet 18.  Working with this team was completely magical.  We all came together on a cold January morning with this concept in mind: ‘Eternal Love’.  And, even though we were all exhausted by the passing of the holiday humdrum, we shared a passion for this idea and the results speak for themselves.  I hope you’ll enjoy all of the beauty.

Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day?

Thou art more lovely and more temperate:
Rough winds do shake the darling buds of May,
And summer’s lease hath all too short a date:
Sometime too hot the eye of heaven shines,
And often is his gold complexion dimmed,And every fair from fair sometime declines,
By chance, or nature’s changing course untrimmed:
But thy eternal summer shall not fade,
Nor lose possession of that fair thou ow’st,
Nor shall death brag thou wander’st in his shade,
When in eternal lines to time thou grow’st,
So long as men can breathe, or eyes can see,
So long lives this, and this gives life to thee.

Makeup:  Jennie Fresa
Hair: Emily Reale
Location & Fashion: Everthine Bridal Boutique
Photography: Michelle Gardella Photography
A special thanks to our models:  Victoria and Abby! 


Black and White Photo Shoot for Well Wed Magazine
February 7, 2013

When Candice from Jubliee Events first presented the idea of a feminine meets masculine photo shoot, my beauty wheels immediately began turning.  I was thrilled to challenge myself and think outside of the box for beauty. Most of our shoots require soft and romantic looks using pretty pinks and peaches, so this was a real change of pace.  And, I knew exactly who to call when is was time to put together my beauty dream team.  I immediately reached out to my Lead Artist, Maureen and shared the idea.  I knew this concept would be right up her ally!  Without any hesitation, she was on board! Knowing that my friend Terry Coon is an expert at structured hair styling, I reached out to her next.  She too, jumped on board.  When you’re working with pro’s like Maureen and Terry, it’s easy and fun to watch the creative process unfold.  I shared our inspiration board and simply let them do their magic!

For my look, I wanted to experiment with eye liner.  I took the opportunity to create contrast, using black and white liner on the top of the eye.  I selected lashes that were long and spiky for the top lashes and used mascara to meticulously separate the bottom lashes, one at a time.  My intention was to keep the skin very matte with lots of definition.  I used a taupe colored eye shadow to create the highly contoured cheekbones and a pale beige cream lipstick to finish the look.
Here’s what Maureen had to say about the look she created,

“This shoot was so fun to work on because rather than the standard ‘make her look her prettiest’ direction, the vision for this shoot was to achieve an androgynous beauty.  Pretty, with a masculine twist.  I played up my model’s already strong brows and sculpted her cheek bones.  Then I balanced the strong structure with tons of soft, fluffy lashes.”

The looks Terry masterfully created for hair were amazing.  The straight, sleek styles were both the perfect compliment to the makeup Maureen and I created.

We always love collaborating with our fellow, inWhite members!  This was truly a blast!  If you want to read more on the fashion behind this shoot, check out the White Dress by the Shore’s blog.  And, you must absolutely head over to Carla’s blog and hear her take on shooting this incredible project.

This entire shoot is currently featured in the newest edition of Well Wed magazine.  Be sure to go out and grab a copy!

Wedding Inspired Photoshoot Greenwich Village NYC By Robert and Kathleen
April 27, 2012

For today’s Spotlight Friday I was feeling a bit nostalgic and took a trip down memory lane to look back at a wedding inspired photoshoot in Greenwich Village, NYC with wonderful photographers Robert and Kathleen, Candice of Jubilee Events, Beth of The White Dress by The Shore and Tony of Datura A Modern Garden. The shoot began at the chic English-style  restaurant, The Rabbit in the Moon. Creating the beauty for this 60 inspired wedding shoot was a pleasure and it was amazing to move from the restaurant right onto the streets surrounding Gramercy Park and really see all the inspiration come to life. Happy Friday beauties!, xoxo, Jennie.

Wadsworth Mansion French Inspired Editorial Shoot By Michelle Gardella
April 6, 2012

The beautiful Wadsworth Mansion was the perfect setting for this French inspired Editorial Shoot headed by  Chelsea Tyler, owner of Everthine Bridal Boutique  and photographed by Michelle Gardella. The light was streaming perfectly through the mansions many windows and it was a day of not only creativity, it was the opportunity to work with some amazing industry friends. Thank you to all who were part of this incredible shoot! The images are just breath taking and of course my favorite part was doing the beauty and now seeing it come to life with the talents of Michelle Gardella. Have a wonderful Easter weekend everyone, xoxo, Jennie.

~ Photography Michelle Gardella ~ Styling and Conceptual Direction: Chelsea Tyler, owner of Everthine Bridal Boutique ~ Hair: Jennie Kay a Beauty Parlour ~
Vintage Rentals: Sassafras Vintage Rentals ~ Floral Design: Tashi and Bobo ~ Letterpress:  Ladyfingers Letterpress
Models Pictured: Victoria Schaefer (Michelle Gardella Photography’s incredible Studio Manager!) and the always handsome (and talented photographer!) Steve Depino.

Editorial Shoot The Bird Cage Veil By Justin and Mary Marantz
March 16, 2012

Happy Friday beauties! After many years of working with brides, I learned there was as much a need in assisting brides define their personal style as there was creating custom beauty looks.  I decided to take our level of service to new heights by offering our prospective clients a collection of bridal beauty inspiration to use as a springboard for when we meet to discuss their desired looks. I am very  proud to announce Volume 1 of our Bridal Beauty Looks! Pure & Simple, Sultry Vintage Belle, Ladylike, Old Hollywood , Miss 60’s and Berry Beautiful, named after current trends in bridal beauty, will also be available to view on our new website later this Spring. To create these looks I teamed up with our team Makeup Stylist-Maureen Sullivan, Hair Maven- Terri Coon of Timothy Pamment Salon, Fashion Stylist and Owner- Beth Chapman of The White Dress By The Shore and Geniuses behind the lens-Justin and Mary Marantz. Volume 2 coming soon to a blog near you! Enjoy! xoxo, Jennie.

Sultry Vintage Belle: makeup by maureen sullivan of jennie fresa
For this smoldering beauty I gave Stephanie a deep smokey eye with rich brown tones such as Twig and our new Noir Gel Pencil Eye Liner.  Her skin is porcelain smooth with our Liquid Mineral Matte Foundation and her look is completed with the Garnet lip liner and Bordeaux lipstick.  This striking look is great for brides looking for a little drama (in their makeup anyway).

Fashion Notes: by beth chapman of the white dress by the shore
The cage veil selected for this look is by LA designer, Bijou Van Ness.  The 60’s inspired bow and whimsical feather detail take this classic cage veil to a new level.   Gown by Amy Kuschel, Earrings by Maria Elena

Pure & Simple; makeup by jennie fresa
Warm and feminine, this look is for the natural bride.  To create this look, I used peach topaz and bronze shadows on the lid with a delicate chocolate brown liner.  Skin is smoothed with a touch of concealer where needed and a light dusting of powder.  Shades of tawny and apricot on the cheeks and nectar gloss complete the look.

Fashion Notes: by beth chapman of the white dress by the shore
For this uber-feminine look, we selected a feather flower and tulle headpiece by Blush for Kristina Eaton.  We love the incorporation of tulle in the headpiece for softness. The tulle does not always have to cover the face to achieve a dramatic effect. Gown by David Feilden, Earrings by Maria Elena


Ladylike: makeup by jennie fresa
For a modern-classic bride who wants to channel her inner Grace Kelly.  This style of makeup is polished and pretty with the right amount of impact in just the right places.  I used a sheer lilac shadow all over the lid, a pop of Rose blush on the apples of the cheeks and Temptress Red on her lips.  A few individual lashes finish the look.

Fashion Notes: by beth chapman of the white dress by the shore
We had fun combining the modernity of this sophisticated one shoulder Amsale gown with the classic sensibility of the pillbox hat by Bijou Van Ness.  It is perfectly acceptable to mix looks in this way, especially if they are reflective of your personal style!  Gown by Amsale, Jewelry by Maria Elena

Miss 60’s: makeup by maureen sullivan of jennie fresa
In this look I gave our model a swept out 60’s inspired eye liner, super smooth skin with the coveted airbrush machine, and a soft nude lip using Bare liner and Undressed Lipstick.  She has just enough attention on her eyes for them to stand out without looking overly made up and the natural lip balances the look for a soft, sophisticated, and timeless beauty.  A Retro look with a modern take.

Fashion Notes: by beth chapman of the white dress by the shore
We let the hair be the accessory in this look.  Terri Coon of Timothy Pamment Salon was channeling the 1960’s when she created this masterpiece!  We love the volume of the hair with the ruffle neckline of this sassy gown!  Gown by Amsale, Earrings by Maria Elena

Old Hollywood; makeup by jennie fresa
Elegant yet bold.  Strong brows make a statement and are balanced with simplistic eyes.  Bare bisque shadow on the lid with no mascara or liner.  A velvety skin is achieved with a mineral matte foundation and powder.  Cheeks are contoured with Adobe blush and a hint of bronzer.  The striking lip is Merlot and Casablanca lipstick mixed.

Fashion Notes: by beth chapman of the white dress by the shore
By far our favorite look of the day!  We went for Old Hollywood Glam all the way!  The cage veil became an extension of the stunning hair style so that together they created a beautiful look.  The pop of black in the cage veil  made this shot very dramatic.  Gown by Amsale, Earrings by Haute Bride


Berry Beautiful; makeup by maureen sullivan of jennie fresa
A flush of Hush Pink on the cheeks, a dusting of charm eye shadow on the lids and a burst of berry-like color on the lips create a rosey disposition for this blushing beauty.  This soft, fresh face is great for brides who like a little more color in their look.  Sure to put a spring in her step and a smile on her flawless (thanks to the Mineral Sheer Tint) face.

Fashion Notes: by beth chapman of the white dress by the shore
This disk veil by A Couture provides a dramatic look with a vintage flare. The unique material of the headpiece still has a sheer effect, but with a bit more structure.  We love this architectural alternative to the classic cage.  Gown by Amy Kuschel. Earrings by Maria Elena.

*all makeup products by jennie fresa

The Bird Cage Veil {Worn 6 Different Ways}
February 28, 2012

So excited to share this editorial shoot we recently did with Justin & MaryBeth Chapman of the White Dress by the Shore, and Terri Coon of the Timothy Pamment Salon. Beth and I had the idea of doing an editorial shoot that offered 6 different looks for bird cage veils. We knew working with Justin & Mary the end results would be tremendous, but the end result was beyond any of our expectations! Have a look back at the old tradition of the bird cage veil in a very new light. xoxo, Jennie.

Top photo: Makeup by Jennie Fresa
Row 1: Makeup by Jennie Fresa
Row 2: Makeup by Jennie Fresa
Row 3: Left: Makeup by Jennie Fresa / Right: Makeup by Maureen Sullivan
Row 4: Makeup by Maureen Sullivan
Row 5: Makeup by Jennie Fresa
Row 6: Left: Makeup by Jennie Fresa / Right: Makeup by Maureen Sullivan
Row 7: Makeup by Jennie Fresa
{Hair styling by Terri Coon of Timothy Pamment Salon}
{Gowns, veils, jewelry & styling by Beth Chapman The White Dress By The Shore}

New Orleans Wedding Photo Shoot By Carla Ten Eyck
November 18, 2011

I am so thrilled to have the new blog up and running. I wanted to make sure to start out with a bang. So I looked through the archives and wanted to share this amazing wedding photo shoot I got to be a part of in New Orleans. This was a wonderful collaboration starting with photographer Carla from Carla Ten Eyck and Candice from Jubilee Events, who then brought on Tom Morlock from Vantage Point Films., Beth Chapman from The White Dress by the Shore for styling, Tony from Datura A Modern Garden for his incredible floral talents and I was asked to come for beauty. In New Orleans we had Sucre with their delectable desserts and music by the awesome Dr. Jazz. We enjoyed the beauty of the french quarter, the live band and even some rain which added an extra element of romance. It was one of the best photo shoots I had the opportunity to be a part of and just loved the chance to play with bright bold pinks, enjoy a little New Orleans inspiration!