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Jennie Fresa Guest Blogger: Tata Harper Skincare
July 26, 2012

It is no secret how much we love Tata Haper Skincare here at Jennie Fresa. A true one of a kind organic skincare line and not only do we love Tata Haper products, we love Tata Harper’s amazing advice on all things beauty and nutrition. Eating well goes hand and hand with healthy beauty. So here is Tata Harper’s list of 10 must eat super foods that will keep you looking beautiful and healthy.Come see the full line of Tata Haper products at the boutique. xoxo, Jennie.

#1 Kale loaded with fiber, antioxidants, detoxifying compounds, minerals, iron and protein

#2: Blueberries are also full of antioxidants, and you know with that super rich color they’re bound to be good for you.

#3: Broccoli (which is part of the cabbage family) is loaded with protein, fiber, calcium, potassium, magnesium, beta-carotene, phosphorus, vitamins (especially C and A) and  colon-cancer-fighting compounds.

#4: Quinoa is one of those miracle foods I discovered only recently and now can’t get enough.

#5: Garlic: have you ever felt a cold coming on and eaten a couple raw cloves of garlic to keep it at bay? Sounds crazy, but it’s a real thing – garlic contains a compound called “allicin” that not only fights the common cold virus, but also blood clots, bacteria, cancer, high blood pressure and parasites.

#6: Tumeric: I know- a spice can be a superfood? But believe me, buy some bulk at the supermarket and start sprinkling it everywhere you can – not only does it taste great, but it contains lots of circuminoids, which are compounds that have been proven to help the body fight things like Altzheimers, cancer, viral infections and cataracts.

#7: Salmon: high in protein, potassium, selenium, antioxidants and the ever-important Omega-3s and is even associated with decreased risk of depression and cognitive deficiency in older people. Plus fish oil is famous for supporting eye health, skin health and hair health – so eat up and get that healthy luster!

#8: Yogurt! Our intestines contain a vibrant colonies of healthy bacteria that help to process and digest food, and yogurt supports these good-bacteria colonies by being rich in probiotics, therefore contributing to our immune system and digestive health overall.

#9: Nuts: Almonds, pecans and walnuts especially.They get a bad rap for being fatty but they’re actually full of good saturated fats that support heart health and fight coronary disease, plus Omega-3s, Vitamin E, and fiber. If they’re feeling expensive, try buying them in bulk!

#10: Eggs are one of the most nutritionally dense protein sources available, so be sure to have them a few times a week – but remember to include the yolks, which is where most of the vitamins and minerals live!

There’s the list – so eat up and be well!

Jennie Fresa Guest Blog Post Fall 2012 Trends
July 19, 2012

 See what our Jennie Fresa makeup artist, Jaime spotted for fall 2012 beauty trends.

Hi Dolls! As August approaches, we’re starting to see Fall fashion and beauty trends hit the runways. Here are a handful of beauty looks we are loving for the Fall 2012 season.

Geometric Eyeliner. Whether it be boxed corners or a bold cat eye, this look is the ultimate statement. Pair it with subtle cheeks and lips to avoid looking too harsh.

fall 2012 beauty trends

Image From

Weathered Cheeks. Use a bright red or pink shadow to create a wind chapped or sun tanned effect. Bold or bare lips, you choose! Either way looks fabulous with this beauty trend.

fall 2012 beauty trends

Image From

Clean Hair Styles. Parted down the middle or to the side, think ballerina bun. Avoid fly aways by finishing with a lightweight hairspray.

fall 2012 beauty trends

Image From The Beauty-Insiders

Red Lips. It’s time to move away from the electric reds we’ve seen all summer and start thinking burgundy, maroon, and wine! Drawing attention to the pout, creating a romantic look.

fall 2012 beauty trends

Image By How Does She

Retro Bouffant. Our absolute favorite look this season. The bigger, the better! For the perfect height that will stay, spray each section with hairspray before teasing.

fall 2012 beauty trends

Image from Elle

Brown Shadows – Create a smokey eye without being too intense. Layer different shades of brown and top it off with a black liner for a sultry look.

fall 2012 beauty trends

Image From The Beauty Department

Jennie Fresa Guest Blogger: Yoga Instructor Tracee Dolan
July 12, 2012

Energetic Cord Cutting is something that’s been coming up a lot lately. It is a very helpful practice when you feel like something or someone is holding you back or you would like to feel at ease in the present. We are energetic creatures, We are connected to each other. We give, we take & we share energy. This can be in the form of love, adoration & appreciation, or it can be in the guise of not so good feelings: like longing, jealousy or anger. Cutting cords is especially good for break-ups, when you are transitioning out of any relationship or would like to move on.

Cutting a cord sounds pretty severe & maybe a little too new age’y for some 😉 It’s simply making the decision to take your energy back from someone or something that no longer serves you.

You can still love a person & cut a cord. You can still forgive a person & cut a cord. It’s a healthy visualization and meditation tool for you to feel your best, no matter what the situation. It’s a good practice to let go of things that are weighing you down or preoccupying your thoughts. It will make you feel happy & light.

Sit or lie down and set a timer for 10 minutes. Get comfortable. Make sure you won’t be interrupted. Take a few deep breaths & soften the muscles of your face and body. Decide who it is you feel you are allowing to drain your energy. Envision where you are connected. If it is someone who you romantically love it could be from the heart. If it is a cerebral connection or friendship it could come out from your throat or head. Visualize the cord, really picture it. The color the thickness, even the material. You may also discover many cords to the same person from different locations on your body. Confirm the decision in your mind’s eye- that you are going to take your energy back from this draining exchange. Tell them that you are ready to your energy back. Feel free to send them love if you feel it. Thank them for the lessons they brought into your life & when you are ready imagine cutting the cord that connects you. You may picture anything. Get creative. And why be so serious- scissors, a knife, a sword all great options. I’ve even heard of people imagining a lawn mower, whatever works right?

Once you cut the cord, envision it severed. Send more love & appreciation to that person & tell them that you have set them free. Even if you had a messy entanglement- there is something to be learned in that experience. Take a few deep breaths & imagine white healing sun light covering you both. You may need to do this entire process again. Some bonds are strong & cords do grow back. But for now, revel in the lightness that this meditation evokes in your entire being. I can’t say enough about how powerful it can be.

You can google energetic cord cutting or youtube it, there many different styles of this meditation. You will never know how good it feels to reclaim your energy back if you don’t try.

Tracee Dolan is available for private or group yoga instruction. She is the author of “Parent Child Yoga: a yoga instruction & coloring book”. Feel free to contact her at with any questions.  

Jennie Fresa Guest Blogger Makeup Artist Jaime
July 5, 2012

Our newest team member, Jaime is on deck today as a Jennie Fresa guest blogger. Jaime is sharing her must have summer beauty products. xoxo, Jennie. Moisture Surge Tinted Moisturizer SPF 15
This moisturizer adds a hint of color with SPF 15. It’s great to wear at a daytime BBQ. I also love using this product to blend any redness after an afternoon in the sun.

benefit They’re Real! Mascara
Not only does this mascara add volume but it does not smudge! Even in the heat! I’ve tried many different brands of mascara and always end the day with it smudged under the eye or on my lids. I put this mascara on in the morning and it stays in place throughout the day, even getting me through happy hour!

bobbi brown Limited Edition Desert Twilight Eye Palette
I love the combination of neutral shadows, both matte and shimmer. This palette is perfect to carry with you in your purse for a quick day or night look on-the-go!
Essie nail polish: cute as a button
My new fave for Summer 2012! Not too light, not too bright.

Neutrogena Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes
This product really does the trick! No matter how much I have on, I only need one wipe to remove makeup from my face. The towelette is soft so no need to worry if it will irritate my skin and it leaves my faces feeling moisturized.

Jennie Fresa Guest Blogger: Yoga Instructor Tracee Dolan
June 28, 2012

What is it that you carry around with you? Or better put, what is it that you are holding on to? It can be with your body, heart or mind…

I ask this during class often.  Unknowingly, you may be holding tightly on to how you breathe, or engaged in the muscles of your body. It may be something in your mind- or even trickier-a story that you’ve created from the past or for the future.

A great habit to get into is to take a general scan of your body, heart, mind & breath (a few times a day) & make the decision to release whatever it is you are holding on to.

Start the moment you wake-up. Check-in and make it a point to soften how you breathe. How you focus your eyes & the surrounding muscles. Notice how you hold your body even before you get out of bed & release wherever you are feeling tightness. Scan your thoughts and soften your whole approach towards how you think. Wherever you discover tension- acknowledge it & decide to release it.

You’ll notice that throughout the day your jaw will stiffen and the thoughts may return- but that’s ok. Pick something to replace the replay within your mind and pick something really good! Meet yourself wherever you are, and make small modifications to make it all feel easier. The thoughts you kicked out will come back because it’s your brain’s job to think and we do what we are used to. But you don’t have to take them so seriously. You don’t have to feel so tense. Once you decide to release the holds- you allow better things to flow your way. Eventually you will get used to that

Tracee DolanTracee Dolan is available for private or group yoga & meditation instruction. She is the author of Parent Child Yoga: a yoga instruction & coloring book. Feel free to contact her with any questions or class scheduling inquiries at

Jennie Fresa Guest Blogger: Celebrity Trends In Bridal Footwear
June 21, 2012

Good morning beauties! Today we have our beauty guest blogger Leyla from London. Leyla is weighing in on current celebrity trends in bridal footwear. Be sure to stay cool today and wear SPF. xoxo, Jennie.


As a beauty blogger with a penchant for bridal fashion, I love to seek out the latest trends in bridal make-up, but sometimes it’s just too difficult to ignore the sartorial details! That’s why I’m blogging today on the latest trends in celebrity bridal footwear.

Recently, I have been somewhat fascinated by the bridal footwear of the A-List, and how the choices of my favourite American celebrities from across the pond compare to those of my fellow Brit’s. Across the pond, the star-studded celebrity list seem to be taking note of the British Royal Family’s wedding practices, which have always functioned as a pivotal dictation of what’s trending in wedding attire.

With so many celebrity weddings popping up, it’s hard not to feel inspired (and sometimes become a little bit consumed!). From the veil right down to the shoes, I love discovering the bride’s choices for her big day.

Kate Moss: Her Something Blahnik and Something Blue

In 2011, a deluge of celebrity weddings were planned and played out for the world to see. British model Kate Moss and rocker fiancé Jamie Hince wedded on the 11th July, 2011, and Kate looked nothing less than a British goddess in a romantic and opulent John Galliano gown and Manolo Blahnik heels. In keeping with her bohemian style that we are so akin to, Kate wowed us all with her elegantly vintage choice of gown and shoes that accentuated her waifish figure. As a personal touch, Manolo added a blue insole to the shoes to signify Kate’s ‘something blue’.

 Post-wedding, Mr Blahnik himself claimed that the custom-made shoes had to be altered five times according to Miss Moss’s needs, which, for Britain’s favourite and number one supermodel, almost seems idle!

Lily Allen: Hitting Her Sanderson Stride

 In contrast, British singer Lily Allen, who said her ‘I do’s’ to Sam Cooper in July last year, paired her vintage-style Delphine Manivet gown with a choice of two custom-made Rupert Sanderson heels. For the wedding ceremony, Lily chose Sanderson’s towering Hydra pumps (5 ½ inch to be exact!), and then opted for a pair of flats by the same British designer for the evening celebrations.

 According to a release, Lily “loved the simplicity, elegance and subtle sexiness” of the high peep-toe shoes, and as a girl with an affinity for wearing platform courts or heeled ankle boots whatever the time or place, it’s no surprise that she didn’t shy away from her usual style, especially on her big day. Before the wedding, Lily also said, “It’s much chicer to have two pairs I think. I just really hope it doesn’t rain.” Thankfully, it didn’t, and the bride looked every inch the vintage beauty.

Kim Kardashian: Good Things Come In Threes

Though Kim’s marriage to Kris Humphries lasted just shy of three months, she planned the fairytale wedding of the year. When it came to footwear, it can only be speculated whether Kim Kardashian took note of Lily Allen’s practical way of thinking. What can be confirmed is that the American socialite took things a step further for her special day and usurped Lily by choosing three custom-made heels, all by Giuseppe Zannoti. Post-wedding, Kim blogged pictures of the three pairs of shoes, all in a dusky, off-white and all sky-high to make up for her petite stature.

 Though celebrities can be demanding and diva-like in their wedding footwear preferences, it all becomes worth the planning and preparation when they walk down the aisle.

 For the remainder of 2012 and beyond, we have been promised a few exciting celebrity weddings, including Liam Hemsworth and teen bride-to-be Miley Cyrus, and of course Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. I must admit, I am perhaps naively anticipating Angelina to wear a thigh-high leg-split bridal gown!

Which celebrity weddings are you looking forward to this year?

Jennie Fresa Guest Blogger: The Glamourist Fortune favors the bold… lips.
June 14, 2012

O.M.G! we have one of my most favorite people guest blogging today all the way from San Fran. Meet the beautiful and very sweet makeup and hairstylist Jane of The The Glamourist. Give Jane a warm welcome and here at JF we are so thrilled she is joining our quest to blog all things beauty. xoxo, Jennie.

Greetings from sunny, and often chilly, SF!  Jane here, from The Glamourist, reporting to you on current beauty trends!

As we are knee deep in 2012, one trend we would be blind to miss is color… lots and lots of color.   From candy apple red trousers, to neon silk blouses… color has been one of the bright trends since FW2011. Though some of us are daring and dive right into this color frenzy, most of us are not.  With a few key tricks, you”ll soon be donning these bright hues of your own.

My favorite beauty trend  this summer was popular on many of the runways. A minimalist chic look of dewy skin, a hint of mascara and a pop of matte bold lips.   To make this look your own, start with a cream highlighter and apply at the top of the cheek and brow bone and the inner corners of the eyes.  Using an eyelash curler, curl your lashes and apply mascara.   For a flush of color, use a cream base blush like Benefit’s Benetint or Stila’s convertible color in petunia.   Next, apply your favorite bold lip color, my favorite is OCC’s liptar in harlot,  using a lip brush, this will control the amount of  lip color that gets applied.

Have fun being  bold and beautiful!

Inspiration From The Glamourist on Pinterest

Jennie Fresa Guest Blogger: Yoga & Meditation Instructor Tracee Dolan
May 24, 2012

I’ve got to admit, I’ve been having a righteous disconnect lately. With who the heck knows what 😉  It happens…right? Guess, I’ve been wondering about the future a little too much. Replaying the past a little too often. Just kind of not really feeling like I’m ‘here’ all of the time. And trust me, I should know better!

So, today I asked myself: When have I been feeling most connected to myself & contented?

The answer is always the same: when I hit my yoga mat for my personal practice & when I hit the yoga mat while I teach my classes. The reason is pretty simple, I’m in the moment. I am breathing. I am present. I’m doing what I LOVE.

And you know what else? I feel thankful, I feel humbled. I feel love (sometimes even the kind that makes you almost want to cry-in the best possible way).  I feel appreciation for every little effortless minute movement & even appreciation for the ones that feel like a whole lot of work; and even during the toughest pose- I’m not waiting for it to be over. I’m not waiting for an answer to magically appear. I’m not wondering when all of this will be better or make sense. I’m breathing in and out, moment to moment almost floating in the between. There is nothing else.

If you’re fixated on the past, you’re going to feel sad/longing. If you focus on the future you’re going to feel anxious/nervous. All you’ve got is right now and right now it’s all about what you love. Feel & find what you love to do and do more of it! It doesn’t have to be yoga; It can be a walk, exercise, a nap, the beach, taking a ride, fishing, crafting, listening to your children play, playing  music, your job, anything! examine your day & your in-between & find when you are most connected, Love that up and then love it up again .

Tracee Dolan is available for group and private yoga & meditation instruction. She is currently working on her yoga school bus project & is the author of parent child yoga: a yoga instruction & coloring book. Please feel free to contact her with any inquiries or comments

Tips Or No Tips That Is The Question By Makeup Artist Maureen
May 10, 2012

Good morning beauties! Still soaring over our new site and new services over here and equally excited to get back to blogging. Today our very own makeup artist Maureen is guest blogging and weighs in on the debate over tipping for makeup services. So here is the scoop, xoxo, Jennie.


People ‘tip’-toe around this question, but brides,friends, and colleagues comfortable enough ask, should we tip on hair and makeup services or not?  There are a couple of schools of thought.  One camp would argue that the tip is included in the pricing. That the price is the price and that is the end of the story.  Another school of thought says that any time anyone provides a service it warrants a tip.

I think it’s safe to say the answer for us who provide the services,  lies somewhere between the extremes.  I also think when it comes to tipping in any field its more about the expectation than the actual rule.  Having done dozens of weddings myself I can say that about half of the time I am tipped.  I never go in expecting to be tipped.  We do set our rates to feel adequately compensated for the beautiful work we do. That being said, I completely and wholeheartedly appreciate tips.  I am not insulted if I do not receive a tip,but I feel especially complimented when I do.

So, how do you decide? Here’s my tip- I say go with your gut.  If you feel reluctant, skip the tip and don’t feel a bit guilty.  If you feel like your service was particularly exceptional, a tip will always be greatly appreciated.  Just beware of making the decision when you are ‘tipsy’ that can really throw a wrench in the decision-making process.

Guest Blogger: Terri Coon From The Timothy Pamment Salon
May 3, 2012

Hi beauties, today we have a wonderful guest blogger, hair stylist Terri Coon from the Timothy Pamment Salon in Madison. Terri recently had the opportunity to attend the International Beauty show in NYC to get the inside scoop on whats trending in beauty right now.

Terri –  I had the pleasure of attending and working at the International Beauty show in NYC last month. This beauty show is where some of the most highly respected international leaders and innovators in beauty come together to share their knowledge on the newest trends. I immediately noticed that one of the strongest trends, as well as one of my favorites is the look from the 50’s. It is back and I could not be happier. The look of the 50’s has always been a timeless one and I believe will always be a classic. It is always fun as a stylist to be able to revisit and reinterpret these styles for my clients. So there you have it. The biggest trend of this year in one word will be, glamor. Here are a few images that not only do I find inspiring but are also the epitome of the 50’s glamorous look. Also click here to see Prada’s new Spring campaign inspired by the this years 50’s trend.

Products I love that would be perfect to recreate these looks are Styles Oribe Gel Serum , Oribe Maximista, Oribe Creme for Style to Oribe Superfine Strong , just to name a few, Thank you! Terri Coon From the Timothy Pamment Salon.