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Favorite Five Eco-Chic Blogs
March 13, 2013

Beautiful Blogs
Eco-Chic Faves:
Our Favorite Five Eco-Chic Blogs

We don’t know if you can tell beauties, but we LOVE blogging!  These wonderful web-pages allow us to learn and draw inspiration from the new, exciting and different perspectives of beauties from around the world. We just love how blogs provide us with a platform to share and most importantly connect with all of you lovelies and divulge on the latest beauty buzz like gals over cocktails! We kind of like to think of blogs like the three R’s of the environment (reduce, reuse & recycle), but instead us bloggers re-comment, reuse and recycle noteworthy info (catch our cheeky eco-chicness!?) Sticking to our green theme, today we would like to share with you our five favorite eco-friendly beauty blogs, that are dedicated to sharing favorites, finds, and fun DIY’s all towards bringing out that natural beauty in oneself and their everyday life! Each of these beautiful blogs are uniquely eco, and charmingly chic! We hope you enjoy beauties!  

1.) The Local Rose:                                                                                                           



2.) No More Dirty Looks:                                                             



3.) Well+Good nyc:                                                                  




4.) Organic Beauty Talk:                                                                        



5.) The Clean Beauty Blog:                                                                  




Top 7 Organic Hair Care Products
March 11, 2013

Our Lucky Number 7’s!
Eco-Chic Faves:
Top 7 Best Organic Hair Care Products

Rise and shine beauties! Today we have more eco-chicness headed your way, and were talking about taking care of that gorgeous head of hair with our lucky 7 products! With the winter weather making its last few weeks known, we are more than ready for a fresh new start, especially when it comes to ditching our damaged dreads. For many of us gals, a staple in starting the spring season, typically starts with a fresh new haircut. However, from pretty pixie cuts, to lovely layers and even bold bangs, we’ve learned that it takes more than a trim to maintain happy, healthy hair. While we shamefully realize that our beloved hot tools are a major cause of blame for our damaged hair, our typical shampoos and conditioners in fact contain chemicals, toxins and parabens that don’t repair the damage, but only add to it. Many of these products make promises they can’t keep and end do more harm than good, not only to our hair, but our earth as well! Like the rest of our body, our hair needs to be fed the right nutrients for it repair, refresh and replenish itself from daily damage, in order to stay strong and provide luscious locks. Here are a list of our lucky 7 natural and organic hair care products that use simply natural ingredients, leaving us with simply gorgeous hair! Have you tried any of these brands, any new suggestions? Let us know how you get your lovely locks!!!

John Masters




Tela Evolve




Josie Marin









Eco-chic Product Spotlight: Tata Harper Lip Treatments
March 6, 2013

Protecting the Pout
Product Spotlight:
Tata Harper Lip Treatments

While Miss Monroe sang nothing but the truth between girls and their diamonds, when it comes to beauty essentials, there’s no comparison between the love of beauties and their balms. Lip balms that is! Already making their way onto our blog countless times, lip balms are a serious subject for us beauties, as a perfect pair of plush lips are the canvas for pulling any look together. However, its an endless quest for us gals to find the right lip balm that will provide all the essentials for that perfect pout. So that is why we are beyond thrilled to share with you what we dare say is our saving grace of problematic lips… did we mention its oh so very “chic”?

Tata Harper’s anti-aging lip treatments have recently arrived in our boutique and ever since, its been love at first swipe! Just when you thought this skincare line couldn’t get any better with the incredible scents, results and natural philosophy behind their products, they go ahead and one up themselves! Tata and Co. have created a line of beautiful balms that not only luxuriously replenish, protect and hydrate lips, but they provide that surgically sought after plumpness…NATURALLY! Tata Harper you NEVER cease to amaze us! While other companies include various chemicals and toxins within their lip plumpers and even chapsticks, we are so devoted to Tata and obsessed with this balm through her use of eco-friendly ingredients and amazing results. As if there wasn’t already enough to obsess over, Tata established three of these lip treatments, each with their own identity. From True: a natural plump formal, Adored: a sweet rosy tint, and finally Fierce: a beautiful protector, you can choose the formula with the personality that best matches yours (or hoard all three like we do!). So be True, Adored, Fierce and most of all eco-chic beauties while you rock that plush pout!

Product Spotlight: Tata Harper Lip Treatment


Beauty Icon Michelle Obama
February 18, 2013

Beauty Icon
Michelle Obama
American Woman

michelle obama beauty icon
Happy Presidents Day Beauties! While we take today to recognize the 44 men who have lead our nation throughout its defining decades, how could we not honor the strong, regal and beautiful women supporting them, as well our nation? From Jackie-O to Hillary Clinton, our country has had a long lineage of diverse and not to mention iconic “Ladies” who have been perhaps just as influential as their historic husbands! Each member of this “first wives club” has represented and revolutionized the American woman through their individual staples on beauty, brains and strength; and we can all agree First Lady Michelle Obama has been no different! We absolutely adore Michelle! Not only do we love her natural beauty, effortless style and chic new bangs, but Michelle exudes a beautiful genuineness that we can’t help but obsess over! Since becoming the First Lady, Michelle Obama has become a trendsetter through her affordably chic style choices (J.Crew anyone?) to her daring event ensembles, but above all her flawless dedication to both her duties as FLOTUS and most important to those as Mom. Michelle Obama represents the modern hardworking American woman, who can still be mom, chic, strong, and real. We salute you Mrs. Obama as you are truly a beauty icon!!

{Currently Coveting} Glengarry Glen Ross Broadway Show
December 6, 2012

Good morning beauties. I love, love, love going into NYC all year around but especially during the holidays. The lights are strung, the smell of roasted chestnuts, and of course the ever famous Macy’s windows. While in the city I also highly recommend going to see a broadway show and right now I am currently coveting the Glengarry Glen Ross Broadway show. It stars Al Pacino and is only on Broadway for 10 weeks! A great show to go see for the holidays and make a date night of it. Here is the expert about the show, “The stakes are high at a fly by night Chicago real estate office: 1st prize-­- a new Cadillac, 2nd prize-­- a set of steak knives, 3rd prize-­- you’re fired! Glengarry slices to the core of the American dream and exposes the depths people will go to stay on top of the game. There is no room for losers in this office, and only “closers” will get the good Glengarry sales leads. They’re learning first hand that in business, someone always has to pay.” Xo, Jennie.

{Currently Coveting} Inspiration Dior
November 29, 2012

Hello beauties! I have a wonderful currently coveting for you today. A must have coffee table book that you will surely want to add to your holiday wish list. Feast your eyes on Inspiration Dior, Editor Note, “An exclusive look into the world of haute couture, including archival photographs of iconic gowns, fashion shows and preliminary sketches, this comprehensive volume is broken into three sections. The first explores the world of art and Dior, highlighting the corollaries between the two; the second, “The Waltz Of Time” reveals how fashion history – from 18th century France to ancient Egypt – has served as a source of inspiration; and finally, the global nature of Dior is explored, drawing parallels between world art and culture and specific Dior pieces.” Curl up with a nice glass of wine and spend snowy days looking through the beautiful pages of Inspiration Dior. Xo, Jennie.

{Currently Coveting} Rivet and Sway Glasses
November 15, 2012

Good morning beauties, looking for a great pair of eye glasses? Well I have a treat for you today because I  am Currently Coveting, Rivet and Sway glasses. I love their site and you can even ask a stylist for help. I am especially in love with the Hungry Heart pair. Another great perk, try them on at home for free before committing to a pair. If you order a pair of these beauties or already own Rivet and Sway glasses, share your look. Xo, Jennie.

{Currently Coveting} Barolo Wine
November 8, 2012

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow. Time to bundle up by the fire. I am currently coveting a must have item by the fire place, a delicious glass of red wine. I am in love with Barolo Wine, which you can purchase locally at the Madison Wine Exchange or order right online from their website. This wine is made in the “Bofani vineyard which is 21 acres, producing an elegant, powerful Barolo. Full-bodied, Bofani is characterized by its well-balanced fruit with hints of plum and raspberry and a long velvety finish. Aged two years in Slavonian oak casks.” Pairs well with a cheese platter and now you have yourself the perfect snowy night. Bundle up beauties and stay warm. Xo, Jennie.

{Currently Coveting} Anthropologie Curtains
November 1, 2012

We are back in business! I hope everyone is getting hot showers, watching some TV and getting back to their normal daily routines. If you don’t have power come and pay me a visit at the boutique, I love company. On to today’s Currently Coveting, Anthropologie curtains. Brrrrr it is cold out there and I have found that adding some beautiful material curtains really do help keep in that heat. It is a great way to update your room for a change of season and this year it is all about the patterns. I am crushing on Anthropologie curtains, especially these Tawi Curtains. See you tomorrow for Fashion Finds Friday! Xo, Jennie.

{Currently Coveting} Movie The Master
October 25, 2012

There is just something about doing pizza and a movie on date night during the fall and winter months. Grab your date, get pizza for dinner and then head to a late night showing of the movie, The Master. Rolling Stones did an amazing write up and said, “As the fictional story of Lancaster Dodd (Philip Seymour Hoffman, never finer), a 1950s cult leader who mentors disturbed World War II Navy vet Freddie Quell (Joaquin Phoenix in the performance of his career), The Master doesn’t flinch at taking on the business of religion. Scientology? You be the judge. The names have been changed to ward off fanatical unrest. No matter. It’s the human element that bleeds onscreen. Acting doesn’t get better or go deeper than the performances delivered by Hoffman and Phoenix.” Click here and read more of the Rolling Stone review. PS. If you go see it, do share your thoughts on the movie. Xo, Jennie.