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Combat with Coffee
May 16, 2014

Hi beauties!

How many of us LOVE a good cup of jo?! Besides the morning and midday pick me up, caffeine has benefits for our skin as well. I am here to share the top 3 reasons to add coffee grinds to your skin care routine. Who would have known we can re-use the grounds from our coffee to help the fight against cellulite, puffy eyes and dry skin! Below you will find my top 3 recipes for healthy, glowing skin.

1.       Coffee grind scrub for a (temporary) cellulite fix

In a bowl mix 1 cup of (brewed) coffee grinds 1tbsp olive oil. Brush coffee mixture on targeted areas and let sit for 10-15 min. Gently exfoliate (in the shower) by softly scrubbing the mixture off with warm water. Moisturize and voila! You are beach bound ready!

Coffee Scrub (tummy)

2.       Puffy eye reducer

Find an organic under eye cream that contains caffeine and apply nightly. The caffeine in the topical treatment will help reduce swelling.

3.       Natural exfoliationcoffee scrub (mixture)

Dry skin getting you down? Mixing up your own homemade exfoliation will not only save you pennies, but is a fun DIY project to do at home. In a bowl mix 1 cup of warm brewed coffee grinds, ½ sea salt and 2 TBLS of olive oil. Mix well and apply in shower after your body cleanse. Be sure to scrub lightly as you do not want to irritate your skin. Pat    dry, moisturize and enjoy your new healthy glow!

Feel free to share your success stories with us as we LOVE to hear from our readers.



Shelly's Exfoliation Rules for your Skin Type
May 9, 2014

Hello Beauties!

Today I’m sharing my rules of exfoliation for your skin type. The number one rule is to know your skin type and not overdo it. Over-exfoliating can strip your acid mantle – a protective barrier on the skin which repels free radicals and air pollutants. Cell renewal happens, on average, every 21-28 days. As we get older this slows down and dead skin will build up on the surface which causes makeup to look cakey and wrinkles to be more visible. And, who wants that?!! Follow these simple rules and keep your skin looking smooth, bright and glowing.image

Dry: dry skin should exfoliate the least (I suggest 1x/week). Remember, dry skin is a lack of water, not lack of oil. Look for gentle exfoliators such as a gommage or exfoliating mask (we love Tata Harper resurfacing mask). Stay away of anything too harsh as it will only make skin more dry.

Sensitive: manual exfoliation is best if you’re sensitive. Try using a skin brush, wash cloth or cleansing sponge ( I pick up mine at CVS) with your regular cleanser and only exfoliate as needed.

Oily: Oily skin is usually thicker and can get away with more regular exfoliation ( I suggest 2-3/week). You should look for products that contain beta hydroxy or glycolic acid, which give a more intense exfoliation. Indie Lee make a terrific at-home glycolic treatment.

Normal: find a product that works for you, just remember not to overdo it. Most commonly normal skin types will exfoliate anywhere between 1-3 week and will visit for regular monthly facials for a deeper exfoliation.

Acne: Avoid exfoliation all together. Exfoliation will only irritate breakouts and spread bacteria. Best to cleanse, tone and use a medicated cream at night.

Not sure what your skin type is?! Give me a ring here at the boutique and I’ll set up a complimentary skin consultation and help you address your skincare concerns. 860-664-3923



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Avoid Aging Makeup Mistakes
April 28, 2014


Avoid Aging Makeup Mistakes


1.) Remember to fill in your Brows:  Brow color fades and hairs become more sparse as you get older.  Filling in your eyebrows is EASIEST way to look more youthful and polished.  I prefer powders of over pencil, however, do what works best for you.  I suggest going a shade lighter than your hair color for the perfect match.



2.) Don’t be afraid to Brighten Up: The best way to brighten your complexion is by applying blush.  Don’t skip it.  The right color, however, is very important.  Think about emulating your natural flush after a workout.  Pinks and peachy colors are good for fair to medium skin.  Darker skin-tones should look for plum or coral hues.


3.) Don’t Skip Primer.  Primers acts as a spackle for you skin, filling in any little lines and grooves.  Not only will your makeup go on more smooth, it will stay in better too.




4.) Get your Foundation right.  Not only is it crucial that the color matches, but you need to think about texture.  If your skin is dry, you’ll want to opt for luminous or hydrating formulas.  Skip heavy pressed powders as they accentuate fine lines and wrinkles.  Instead, try a loose translucent or sheer mineral powder.


Have questions on what’s right for you?  Email us at and we’ll help you select the right colors.  Or, SHOP our collection on-line at


The Jennie Fresa Beauty Collection is curated by Jennie each season to ensure you the latest colors and formulas.  Jennie is available for private ‘makeup wardrobing’ sessions.  Please call 860-664-3923 for more information.



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Avocado Hair Mask
January 17, 2014

Hi beauties!

Today I am here to share a new home remedy I’ve picked up this winter. Throughout the past few weeks, I’ve noticed my scalp has been on the dry and itchy side. ( I am certain it is caused from the dry winter chill in the air, but lets face it, this is New England so we must work with what we got right?) With all of the fun at home remedies floating around out there, I  wanted to try one and share the process with all of you.

I happen to have an avocado that was too ripe to eat, so I whipped up a hair mask that would not only help hydrate my dry locks, but provide nourishment from all of the vitamins, proteins and amino acids found in this delicious fruit! (Added bonus, avocado helps with hair growth for those fellow brides who are looking for length for their big day)

Below are the ingredients and directions as well as a couple captured photos as a guide. Have fun with this beauties and feel free to share what you thought!


1 ripe avocado

1 Tbls of olive oil


In a bowl mix avocado and olive oil, mix extremely well so there are no more lumps

Apply to hair starting from the ends and working your way up to the roots. I suggest doing this entire process over the kitchen sink to avoid a mess. Let hair mask sit for about 10-12 minutes then rinse with Luke warm water (in kitchen sink) Following this rise I suggest you give yourself a thorough shampoo about 2-3 times. Also, no conditioner is needed, you will instantly feel how smooth your lucious locks are. Feel free to give yourself a quick Blowdry and and enjoy the immediate hydrating results!

Stay warm beauties

Xo, Shelly


Master the “No-Makeup-Makeup” Look
June 11, 2013

We’re all about having a simple, sexy summer!  Who has the time to fuss a full face look anyway? Then again, we can’t completely cut out the cosmetics! So what’s a gal to do? It’s time to fake it till we make it and master the art of the “no-makeup- makeup” look! Here are all the steps you’ll need to achieve that au natural look !


What You’ll Need…

  1. Tinted Moisturizer

  2. Concealer

  3. A Natural Blush

  4. Lash Curler

  5. Mascara


Step 1: No Cake-Face here! Apply a small amount of a tinted moisturizer to provide some SPF protection and a natural and flawless complexion. (Plus a light dusting of translucent powder if you’re oily!)  With a tint, you get sun protection, hydration and light coverage!


Step 2: Make those imperfections disappear like they were never here! Use a sheer concealer that will correct and even brighten (dab a little with your finger on needed areas; i.e under eyes, on a blemish, etc.)  Don’t forget to blend well.


Step 3: Enhance that natural flush with a light dusting of a powder or cream blush! We suggest holding back on that fluorescent fuchsia and bring out that gorgeous warmth with a natural hue (pick a color that emulates your cheek color after you worked out).


Step 4: Open up those peepers by using a lash curler.  Never squeeze the curler too hard and always make sure its clean before bringing them anywhere near those lovely lashes!  Pump 2-3 and see an instant eye opening effect.


Step 5: To finish the look, add a single coat of black mascara to to bring definition and attention to your eyes!


Glowing Skin Smoothie
June 6, 2013

Start your summer off right with a sweet treat without any guilt! Get ready to feel refreshed and recharged this season with one seriously satisfying smoothie, courtesy of A Recipe for Wellness founder, Maya Bradstreet. Last month, Maya hosted her event here at the boutique where she not only Demystified the Detox, but prepared some simply delicious drinks, including The Tropical Green Smoothie, that we just couldn’t get enough of! This glass of green goodness is a perfect breakfast, snack or mid day refresher that’s delicious, nutritious and chock full of those daily nutrients & vitamins that we sometimes forget! We seriously can’t wait till Miss Bradstreet returns back at our boutique for more delicious details! Looking for your own Recipe for Wellness? Check out Maya’s website and contact info for more of her tips and simple recipes for removing the bad and leaving a healthier, happier you!

A Recipe For Wellness 

A Recipe For Wellness Facebook Page


~Tropical Green Smoothie Recipe~

1/3 Can Coconut Milk

1/3 Cup Water

1 Banana

1/2 Avocado

1/2 Mango

1 1/2 – 2 Cups Baby Spinach

Blend first 4 ingredients until smooth. Add mango and blend again. While blending, add spinach one handful at a time, waiting to incorporate.

TIP: The coconut milk makes it creamier and doesnt necessarily have an overly coconuty flavor. You may however, omit it and use water or grain/nut milk!



Great Gatsby Beauty ~ Channel Your Inner Daisy
May 20, 2013

Longing for some Gatsby glamour? Well get ready to channel your inner Daisy beauties because we’re recreating this decade darling’s iconic look! From book to movies, Daisy Buchanan has become a style icon all her own, epitomizing the quintessential glamour girl of the 1920’s! From Mia Farrow to Carey Mulligan, Daisy’s beauty look has remained timeless, glamorous and one we can’t help obsess over! So with some help from some Stila beauty products we’ll be sure to be rocking some major Roaring Twenties flare as we go from soft & demure Daisy, to full flapper glam!  


~How To Get The Look~

1.) From Soft & Muted to Statement Lip:

Stila Long wear Lip Color in Lover

2.) Lashes, Lashes & More Lashes:

Stila Major Major Lash Mascara

3.) Bring the Drama:

Stila Ebony Eyeshadow

4.) A Soft Smoke

Stila Golightly Eyeshadow

5.) A Natural Flush 

Stila Lillium Convertible Color

6.) Beautiful Brows

Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Brow Color

Are You Getting Enough Vitamin D?
May 15, 2013

Listen up beauties; are you getting enough vitamin D? Well, there are many misconceptions out there when it comes to getting your daily dose that often lead to blistering burns or even doing more harm than good! Today, most gals think soaking up the sun will in turn soak up those natural vitamins, however many pay the price with severe damage to their skin and ultimately their health! So it’s important to know that there are alternative means of getting that Vitamin D, including various foods like salmon, milk and mushrooms as well as supplements, chock full of those important nutrients. But lets be real, we can’t escape the sun and who can resist those gorgeous summer days ahead of us? So it’s just as important to ALWAYS have some regular sun safety. Applying an SPF should essentially be apart of any gal’s everyday beauty regimen. An everyday SPF formula all over your body, and even in addition to your beauty products is vital. It will protect the skin from the harmful rays, but still providing just the right amount of exposure for that natural dose of Vitamin D. In fact  it doesn’t take more than a half an hour for most individuals to absorb up their nutrients for the day! So no more baking under those harsh rays, go ahead and soak up that sun…just safely of course!

Here’s our favorite reliable sunblock that will be in our handbags for all day time occasions this summer, not just the beach!!

Supergoop! ‘Everyday’ Face and Body Moisturizer SPF 30+


Your Wedding Day Fragrance
May 8, 2013

Hello Beauties & Brides! So here’s a fun fact: did you know that our sense of smell can elicit strong emotions and memories? That’s right, when we happen to encounter those meaningful aromas, it’s like we’re instantly transported back to that certain place in time, all because of our connection to that familiar fragrance! So brides, you definitely don’t want to forget this important beauty detail because your wedding day fragrance is so much more than a finishing touch to your bridal look, its truly a memory! From floral, musky, fresh to fruity, the fragrance you choose will essentially bottle up the memories you take from your wedding day and beyond! Once the perfect perfume is picked and the big day has arrived, use a similar scented body moisturizer and apply the actual fragrance to your navel, wrists, behind the ears and your knees to ensure the perfume stays with you throughout every precious moment! So from your 1st anniversary to even your 50th, with simply one spritz you’ll feel as if you’re about to walk down the aisle for the very first time! Here are some of our favorite fragrances from the boutique that are perfect for any bride-to-be!


~Floral Scent~

Kai Eau de Parfum



~Fruity Scent~

Leila Lou Eau de Parfum



~Citrus Scent~

Tsi-La Fiori D’Arancio



~Musky Scent~

Finn & Co. White Sand Fragrance


Self-Tanner Beauty Tips
May 6, 2013

So we shared our favorite self-tanners, but how do you get that subtle glow without making it completely obvious? Avoid a sticky & stressful situation, and wave bye-bye to those orange palms because we’re sharing our how to on applying a streak-free fabulous tan!


1.) Scrub Away Those Troubles! To ensure a lasting and lovely tan ladies, the first step is to exfoliate that skin! Scrub away the dead skin to provide a beautiful canvas for the product to look its best! (Stay tuned for our secrets on how to beautifully exfoliate your body later in May!)
2.) Powder Protection! Forget those oily moisturizers, instead look to any basic baby powder to protect those areas where obvious streaks can be found! Lightly powder under the armpits, all rough areas including knees, elbows your feet toes and even your hands to avoid stains and ensure that natural tan.             


3.) Time To Tan! Rule of thumb: stay conservative beauties, think less is more! After applying a sufficient amount to the entire body (while wearing dark clothes!), let the tanner oxidize on the skin! Once settled, you then can then determine whether you want to go darker and need to add more! Another important rule for keeping that fresh tan, NO showering for 8 hours after applied!


4.) Face Time! Our final step is ensuring a our face is left gorgeous and glowing too! We recommend using lighter shade and perhaps a face tanner specifically! While we want our face to slightly match our body, we don’t want it to scream ‘self-tanner.’ (Be sure not to forget the ears too!)


Or you could always leave it to the pros! Book yourself gorgeous & glowing spray tan with our specialist here at the boutiquerie and achieve your ideal shade! Call (860)-664-3923 or visit our website to book your appointment!