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Get Ready To Take it All Off – Kai Body Buffer
May 24, 2013

That’s right, we’re getting ready to take it all off…for bikini season that is! With Memorial Day weekend upon us, it’s time to buff away those winter woes and say hello to sexy summertime skin. So listen up beauties because Kai’s Body Buffer is the product for the job! This buffer works wonders as it transforms your skin from dull to divine! Once damp in the shower this sponge gently lathers, exfoliates and even moisturizes the body, leaving you feeling polished, soft and refreshed! And forget the perfume this summer, these buffers are infused with Kai’s signature scent, so after scrubbing away you are left with beautiful skin and a fresh fragrance that lasts! Kai’s Body Buffer is truly a summertime beauty essential that will last you the whole season! So don’t be afraid to bare that beach bunny bod and get ready to show off your best skin this summer!


Our Spring Break Travel Essentials
April 5, 2013

We All Need A Little Break

Our Spring Break Travel Essentials

Happy Friday my darling beauties! So, it’s that time of year again when we just need a break…a spring break that is! Yes, the time has finally arrived where we can break out those bikinis we’ve been dying to wear and jet off to Tequila Sunrises and Bay Breezes. But before boarding that plane to paradise, we’ve got to make sure we’re all packed and prepared, and and for many of us gals, that can kind of be a nightmare! Between deciding what we should bring to what we THINK we’ll might need, many of us end up overpacking and bring items not needed or ever used! So after much deliberation (and a few past experiences) we’ve come up with our spring break survival guide! Weather you are traveling to far off destinations or to an island in the sun, here are our must have spring break travel essentials that we just can’t leave home without! What are some of your travel essentials? Do Tell…


Kate Spade Signature Spade Punched Small Coal

A trendy and trusty carry on bag is an essential for any trip!



Bikini Beauties Courtesy of Beneath the Gown!

A cute bikini for spring break is a no brainer! Our faves are the flattering, comfortable and ultra chic swimsuits from the local chic lingerie boutique: Beneath the Gown!


Zen Society Rosewater Mist

A perfect refresher + hydrater for the long, dry plane ride and even after some fun in the sun! Your skin will thank you!

Available at our Boutique!!!


 Kai Deodorant

Let’s face it, we all sweat, ESPECIALLY in the heat! A reliable deodorant is a must and the gorgeous signature Kai scent doesn’t hurt either! 

Available at our Boutique!!!

( Gliteratti Twist Scarf

For times when you want to keep those beautiful beachy waves out of the face and secure, the twist scarf has your back! Perfect for creating a cute little retro headband too! 

Available at our Boutique!!


Stila Sheer Color Tinted Moisturizer SPF 20

Even on vacation, some gals still want some coverage! No worries! Not only does this super lightweight tinted moisturizer provides beautiful coverage but SPF as well, so you can be pretty and protected!

Available at our Boutique!!!


Burt’s Bees Tinted Lip Balm

Skip the messy lip glosses and whatever you do, DO NOT put your favorite lip stick in your beach bag! Instead, get a fresh flush on your lips from a reliable lip balm that will protect and nourish your exposed pout. 


Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Volumizing Mascara

This waterproof mascara wont budge in the water or melt off on those humid nights out on the town!

Available at our Boutique!!! 


The Chronicles of Downton Abbey

 From plane to poolside, a book is one of our favorite ways to really unwind! And since I’m pretty obsessed with everything Downton right now, this book is the perfect read and should hold me over while we anxiously wait for the new season!


J.Crew Midnight Paisley Tunic

Whether walking on the beach or downtown, this beach tunic is lightweight, chic and versatile!


Product Spotlight: Dr. Alkaitis Treatment Oil
February 4, 2013

Stimulate circulation, help boost skin’s elasticity and protect against environmental damage with the Dr. Alkaitis Treatment Oil. This oil is also a multi-purpose oil for face, body and scalp.
Beauty tip:  Combat dry, winter skin by adding a few drops of Treatment Oil to your night cream. Use as needed.

Find the complete Dr. Akaitis skincare line at our beauty boutique!

Ps.  Thinking about a rub down for that special someone this Valentine’s Day?  This also makes a great massage oil.  Men love the non-perfumey smell. 😉


7 Sexy Scents to Try for Valentine's Day
January 25, 2013

1.) Tsi-La Fiori D’Arancio
2.) Kiels Original Musk Oil
3.) Vered Rosewood Neroli Body Oil
4.) Angel by Thierry Mugler
5.) Leila Lou
6.) C by Clive Christian
7.) Tresor Midnight Rose

Have you tried any of these delicious perfumes?  What is your go-to sexy scent?  DO tell


My Beauty Resolutions for 2013. What are yours?
December 31, 2012

I asked Santa for a treadmill and somehow he managed to squeeze one down the chimney with my special delivery.  I have no excuses now.  Like most, I need to shed a few pounds and make an effort to eat healthier.  Blah, blah, blah.  Here are my 5 “beauty” resolutions for 2013:
1.) Workout on my Treadmill 3x/week.
2.) Yoga Classes with Emily Swank.  BeYoga classes are offered in the back of my new favorite store, Lily Juliet, in Madison CT.
3.) Drink more water.  I know, duh!
4.) Grow in my brows.  I’m really doing it once and for all!
5.) Smile More (even at strangers!)
And now yours?

{Holiday Gift Guide} Zen Tea Tree Cleanser and Rosewater Mist
December 21, 2012

The count down begins beauties! For all your last minute shoppers come see us at the boutique. We are here waiting with bells on. Today concludes our Holiday Gift Guide. I am ending it with a bang! Every beauty needs Zen Society. Especially the Zen Tea Tree Cleanser and Rosewater Mist. Another fabulous gift this pair goes for $22 for the cleanser and $18 for the mist.

Tea Tree Facial Cleanser: Gel-based cleanser that gently removes daily build up of debris without stripping away the skin’s natural oils. It cools and brightens tired and dull skin and helps to control excess oil. Tea Tree oil helps to promote a clear and healthy complexion as it is effective in killing the bacteria that causes acne.

Hydrating Rosewater Mist: Beautiful and luxurious rose aroma. The roses used in our USDA Certified Rosewater have been organically grown and distilled from the heart of the prestigious Bulgarian Rose Valley. This mist is infused with Witch Hazel which is an astringent produced from the leaves and bark of the North American Witch-Hazel shrub. Helps combat the drying effects of the heat, sun, wind and travel. Also great as a makeup setting spray that creates a dewy, glowing look.

Come shop with us beauties and escape this cold rainy day at the boutique where the holiday magic is all a glow. Xo Jennie.

All gifts featured in this week’s Holiday Beauty Gift Guide are exclusively available at the Jennie Fresa Makeup Skincare and Boutiquerie.

{Holiday Gift Guide} Kai Bathing Bubbles and Nightlight Candle
December 20, 2012

On this day of Christmas your true love may not have a partridge in a pair tree, or turtle doves, however imagine relaxing in a tub of Kai bathing bubbles and nightlight candle. This is the gift to receive from any true love and certainly to give if your the true love. Imagine unwinding in a luxuriously foaming kai-scented bubble bath, rich with vitamin e, argan oil, with coconut and sugar derivatives, all while being surrounded with the aura of kai’s intoxicating scent nightlight candle. Its the recipe for a perfect evening. Here at Jennie Fresa this holiday season is all about giving luxurious gifts at amazing prices. Come give the gift  of Kai Bathing Bubbles and Nightlight Candle for just $37/$26. Xo, Jennie.

{Holiday Gift Guide} Jennie Fresa Mineral Bronzer in Congo
December 19, 2012

Starting to feel a little pale during these cold winter months? Come get your glow on. The Jennie Fresa Mineral Bronzer in Congo is a best seller. It is hypoallergenic and wonderful for sensitive skin. Three magnificent mineral bronzing powder shades harmonize to highlight and accent every complexion. Loaded with vitamins and minerals, this smooth powder strengthens and conditions skin while imparting a healthy natural glow. Yup, it’s good for you too. With a price tag of $31, get one as a gift and for one for you. Xo, Jennie.

{Holiday Gift Guide} Jennie Fresa Gift Certificate
December 18, 2012

I am back today beauties and in the spirit of the holidays I thought during this time of healing we can begin with returning to our Holiday Gift Guide. I am hoping that Christmas will help lift everyone’s spirits. Today’s gift is a $50 Jennie Fresa gift certificate for a 30 minute organic facial. Relaxing, nourishing, rejuvenating, my organic facial will leave you glowing. A facial is a great way to unwind while getting increased circulation to make your skin happy and it also helps with anti-aging. For all those women you love this is a gift any friend, mother, cousin, aunt, grandma (the list goes on) would love. Xo, Jennie.

{Holiday Gift Guide} Finn and Co Body White Sand Lotion and Body Polish
December 14, 2012

Would you love to be infused with Maine sea salt crystals and the exotic sand of Bora Bora all while being cleansed and polished of dry dead skin? Right after you can indulge in a body cream infused with exotic coconut butter and apricot seed oil that will offer ultimate hydration. Today’s holiday gift guide items are both must have beauty products especially for the winter months. Finn and Co Body White Sand Lotion and Body Polish mean happy skin which equals a happy beauty. The lotion is available for $48 and the Body Polish for $38. Don’t you just love those really amazing gifts under $50. Xo, Jennie.

All gifts featured in this week’s Holiday Beauty Gift Guide are exclusively available at the Jennie Fresa Makeup Skincare and Boutiquerie.