Brow Guides

  • Unshapely

    Problem: Brows are shapeless and undefined, with very little or no arch

    Solution: Use Brush On Brow to add definition and create a flawless arch

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  • Light

    Problem: Brows are pale, fading into your face or too thin

    Solution: Use Brow Ink to give brows a darker, natural looking hue with staying power

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  • Heavy

    Problem: Brow are thick, curly and/or unruly.

    Solution: Use Brow Set to groom and tame hairs instantly.


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  • Skinny

    Problem: Brows are very thin and over-plucked..

    Solution: Use Brow Balm to create the illusion of fuller brows.



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  • Uneven

    Problem: Brows are unbalanced, irregular, and not a perfect pair.

    Solution: Use Brow Blender Pencil to ensure brows make an excellent match.


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