When Candice from Jubliee Events first presented the idea of a feminine meets masculine photo shoot, my beauty wheels immediately began turning.  I was thrilled to challenge myself and think outside of the box for beauty. Most of our shoots require soft and romantic looks using pretty pinks and peaches, so this was a real change of pace.  And, I knew exactly who to call when is was time to put together my beauty dream team.  I immediately reached out to my Lead Artist, Maureen and shared the idea.  I knew this concept would be right up her ally!  Without any hesitation, she was on board! Knowing that my friend Terry Coon is an expert at structured hair styling, I reached out to her next.  She too, jumped on board.  When you’re working with pro’s like Maureen and Terry, it’s easy and fun to watch the creative process unfold.  I shared our inspiration board and simply let them do their magic!

For my look, I wanted to experiment with eye liner.  I took the opportunity to create contrast, using black and white liner on the top of the eye.  I selected lashes that were long and spiky for the top lashes and used mascara to meticulously separate the bottom lashes, one at a time.  My intention was to keep the skin very matte with lots of definition.  I used a taupe colored eye shadow to create the highly contoured cheekbones and a pale beige cream lipstick to finish the look.
Here’s what Maureen had to say about the look she created,

“This shoot was so fun to work on because rather than the standard ‘make her look her prettiest’ direction, the vision for this shoot was to achieve an androgynous beauty.  Pretty, with a masculine twist.  I played up my model’s already strong brows and sculpted her cheek bones.  Then I balanced the strong structure with tons of soft, fluffy lashes.”

The looks Terry masterfully created for hair were amazing.  The straight, sleek styles were both the perfect compliment to the makeup Maureen and I created.

We always love collaborating with our fellow, inWhite members!  This was truly a blast!  If you want to read more on the fashion behind this shoot, check out the White Dress by the Shore’s blog.  And, you must absolutely head over to Carla’s blog and hear her take on shooting this incredible project.

This entire shoot is currently featured in the newest edition of Well Wed magazine.  Be sure to go out and grab a copy!