Hi beauties!

Today I am here to share a new home remedy I’ve picked up this winter. Throughout the past few weeks, I’ve noticed my scalp has been on the dry and itchy side. ( I am certain it is caused from the dry winter chill in the air, but lets face it, this is New England so we must work with what we got right?) With all of the fun at home remedies floating around out there, I  wanted to try one and share the process with all of you.

I happen to have an avocado that was too ripe to eat, so I whipped up a hair mask that would not only help hydrate my dry locks, but provide nourishment from all of the vitamins, proteins and amino acids found in this delicious fruit! (Added bonus, avocado helps with hair growth for those fellow brides who are looking for length for their big day)

Below are the ingredients and directions as well as a couple captured photos as a guide. Have fun with this beauties and feel free to share what you thought!


1 ripe avocado

1 Tbls of olive oil


In a bowl mix avocado and olive oil, mix extremely well so there are no more lumps

Apply to hair starting from the ends and working your way up to the roots. I suggest doing this entire process over the kitchen sink to avoid a mess. Let hair mask sit for about 10-12 minutes then rinse with Luke warm water (in kitchen sink) Following this rise I suggest you give yourself a thorough shampoo about 2-3 times. Also, no conditioner is needed, you will instantly feel how smooth your lucious locks are. Feel free to give yourself a quick Blowdry and and enjoy the immediate hydrating results!

Stay warm beauties

Xo, Shelly